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How to Treat Dysentery | Foods & Healthy Recipes

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Be it any condition, a healthy diet is a road to fast recovery. Watch this video for some quick and easy recipes to help you recover from Dysentery!



Dysentery is a bacterial inflammation infection of the intestine, that leads to stomach ache and diarrhea with blood, mucus or pus in the feces.


Symptoms to look for:

• Blood, mucus or pus in the feces
• Mild to severe abdominal pain
• Stomach cramps
• Gas
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Fatigue
• Dehydration
• Fever
• Chills



Bacterial or amoebic infection or worm infestation caused by:
• Poor hygiene
• washing hands and vegetables in contaminated water


Food groups to consume in dysentery:

1. Liquids:

Foods to consume: water, fruit juices, coconut water, buttermilk and soups

2. Low fiber foods: They act as binding agents & firm up the loose, watery stool which slows down the bowel movement

Foods to consume: wheat porridge, rice, mashed potatoes, boiled carrots and stewed apples

3. Bananas: They are easy to digest and have high levels of potassium

4. Probiotics: Help to build healthy bacteria in the gut that fights against infections

Foods to consume: Yogurt

Recipes based on the above food groups:

Recipe 1: Yogurt & banana dish

1. First, take ½ cup yogurt in a bowl
2. Add 2 tsp sugar to it
3. Mix it well and keep it aside
4. Next,heat 1 tsp oil in a vessel
5. Add ¼ tsp cumin seeds to it
6. Let it crackle
7. Stir and add ¼ tsp mustard seeds and wait until it crackles
8. Stir again and add 2-4 curry leaves
9. Saute this for a minute
10. Now add the yogurt mixture to it and stir all this well
11. Remove this in a big bowl
12. We are now going to chop 2 bananas
13. Add these to the mixture
14. Mix it well and serve

This dish is healthy, filling and easy to digest

Recipe 2: Carrot and rice dish

1. Put ½ cup long rice (Basmati Rice) in a bowl.
2. Wash it first
3. Soak it in 1 ½ cups of water for 5 mins
4. Now heat a 2 tbsp oil in a pressure cooker
5. Add 1 bay leaf, 2-3 cloves, 1 black cardamom
6. Stir and saute this for 2 min
7. Now add the soaked rice in it
8. Mix this gently
9. Chop 1 carrot and add in it to the rice
10. Now add 4-5 chopped French beans
11. Also add ¼ cup fresh green peas
12. Stir this all well
13. Finally, add 2 ½ cups of water to this
14. Also add some salt to taste
15. Stir well and close the pressure cooker
16. Let it cook till 2 whistles
17. Remove it in a bowl
18. Garnish it with some freshly chopped coriander and serve

You may have this for lunch or dinner



• Avoid foods that aggravate diarrhoea
• Limit intake of alcohol, coffee, tea & carbonated beverages
• Avoid nuts, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, broccoli and beans






The above recipes have been developed in consultation with a nutritionist. However, these are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health professional. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. Consult your physician before adopting the suggestions in this video, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Refer to the terms of use on our website http://www.homeveda.com.

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